Thursday, April 10, 2014

Most Successful Export? Britain's Private Schools.

The children of the well-heeled flock to Britain's private schools, whether from China, Nigeria or Russia: the number of foreign pupils rose by 1.4% in the last year alone.  That's according to the Economist's article, "Overseas students:  How to ruin a global brand."  However:
Nick Hillman of the Institute for Higher Education says the [British] government has sent unclear messages about the sort of immigration it wants to restrict. An emphasis on holding down net immigration deters young Indians and Pakistanis in particular. Australia and America, which have more relaxed entry criteria for students, are becoming more favoured destinations. Colin Riordan, Cardiff University’s vice-chancellor, adds that Britain’s student-visa regime has become more onerous and fiddly overall.
Is Britain losing out to other countries in the contest for talent?

Read the entire article:  Overseas students:  How to ruin a global brand

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