Friday, April 25, 2014

Are You Hiring Globally?

Most global small businesses must collaborate across cultures and adapt to a workforce without borders.  Easier said than done.  Are you hiring globally?  How are you ensuring that who you hire is a good cultural fit and can increase the success of your company?
According to authors David Gartside and Colin Sloman, in their feature article, a different talent landscape will require local leaders "to be adept at responding to local business dynamics, embracing diverse ways of thinking, managing a multicultural workforce, and leading virtual teams across multiple time zones."
Going global very rarely equates to a one-size-fits all approach.

Read the entire article:  New Global Landscape

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shaEina said...

For me, hiring globally is a positive thing especially for small businesses. It makes them more competitive. For example you’re looking for a web developer for your business, while it’s possible that you could find a great Web Dev in your neighborhood, why not expand to looking in your city or the entire country or better yet consider hiring across the entire world?
If it's okay, I would like to share this article that's more about the positivity of hiring globally.