Thursday, April 20, 2006

Think Global, Think "Out Of The Box" and ...

put yourself in a position to win!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How Do You Pick A Product For Export?

When it comes to exporting, you cannot be all things to all customers.

Decide on something. Then stick with it. But how do select a product for export?

What gives you the most pleasure as a businessperson? Is it creating satisfaction by meeting consumer demands? Is it the challenge of spotting a trend, positioning yourself to take advantage of it, and striking it rich? Or is it the chance to spend your time dealing with a commodity you love? You have two viable reasons for choosing a product to export: because you know it will sell -- if not everywhere, at least somewhere, or because you like it.

Here's an example of how it works. You might start with a product you really like and know something about. This will probably prove much easier than deciding where you want to sell it. Let's say you love gardening. Your friends call you another Martha Stewart because you collect every gadget ever manufactured to help you devise more creative and beautiful ways of doing things. You ask yourself, "What if I could take some of these handy tools or accessories and get them to gardeners in other parts of the world who might enjoy them?" That's how you plant the seed, so to speak.

Once you have a likely export product in mind, learn everything there is to know about it. If you were its creator, how would you improve it? Go to a manufacturer, offer your export services, and suggest product improvements to turn a mediocre product -- gardening gloves -- into something extraordinary.

Your suggestions might mean the difference between a mobile transistor radio and the Apple iPod.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Do you Squidoo? We do.

Not only do we Squidoo but one of our selected Magnificent Seven Borderbusting Books -- "The Box" -- was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal's bookshelf section yesterday (4/12/06)!

View our lens here: Borderbuster

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Truth (Perhaps) About Global Outsourcing

10 lessons 2 authors have learned about the difficulties of "getting it done."

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Abridged Borderbuster: 4/5/06


If you are not a subscriber to Borderbuster, here's a glimpse of what you missed this month:

1. Welcome From The Publisher
2. Feedback From Our Readers
3. Purchasing Translation Services*
4. Business and Cultural Tips: Have Some Fun!*
5. A Backlash Against Globalization*
6. How I Went Global: Ongoing Series* // Aniruddha Paul, India
7. A Reader Asks: Q&A*
8. Everybody Loves a Freebie -- repeat: FREE OFFER*
9. After India And China, Where Next?*
10. How to Wrap 5 Jewels*
11. Abroad – The Corporate Merry-Go-Round*
12. Blog World: Do You Squidoo? We do.*
13. Laurel’s New e-Book: “GODZILLA Global Marketing!”
14. Take A Walk On The Wild Side (TAWOTWS)*
15. Wind Behind Your Sail*
16. Miscellany*

*Indicates exclusive to Borderbuster subscribers only.

Sample section:

*Subscriber Exclusive*

This is a major breakthrough! Having a Web presence means that your potential market now is – literally – the world. Whether the role of a Website is to pursue actively or inform passively, companies are now doing business internationally whether they like it or not.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Companies Share Global Trade Tips

"I understand better how I could be or should be doing international business," said Jason Golly, president of the state trade association.

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