Wednesday, April 09, 2014

There's a Mall for Everyone, Including Africa

Africa's largest shopping platform, MallForAfrica, allows African citizens to shop directly on U.S. and U.K. websites that previously wouldn't ship to them or accept their forms of payment due to logistics or security concerns. MallForAfrica provides U.S. and U.K. e-railers a new reach into the African economy in just 48 hours with zero liability. Their turnkey software application is built to ward off worries of fraud, logistics, foreign exchange and delivery.

MallForAfrica is co-founded by Nigerian-born siblings, California-based Chris Folayan and his Nigerian-based brother Tope Folayan. They serve as co-CEOs.  According to MFA's publicist:
There are 70 sites which have partnered with MFA, representing some 7.8 billion items.  After only two years in business, MallForAfrica does over 2 tons of merchandise/over 100,000 items/millions of dollars worth of transactions per year.  Their revenue has doubled over the past year, and this year they are on track to do 5x what they did last year.  They're expanding into two new African countries this year, and are expected to be in 16 countries by 2016. They have overcome the public's knee-jerk reaction to any mention of Nigeria immediately being associated with thoughts of cyber fraud. just named them one of the 5 African Tech Startups to Watch.
Pretty amazing and powerful stuff.  Pay a visit when you have time: MallForAfrica

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