Saturday, June 25, 2022

Best Therapy

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"Kittens are the best therapy." – Beth Ostrosky Stern

Friday, June 24, 2022

Entertaining Diversions

Although evolution has hard-wired us to be negative, we have the ability to change by adopting new thought patterns and "entertaining diversions" that can help us to accentuate the positive.

How do we define happiness and can we actively make ourselves happy?

The happiest people benefit from close social connections and resilience against life's complications, according to scientists and researchers on the subject, and there are clear steps we can take to improve our chances of happiness.

Read on to feel happier according to science.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Where Forecasts Went Wrong On Trade Globalization

According to the International Monetary Fund, the prediction that expanding production networks and trade globalization would make the world economy less resilient turned out to be wrong. Why?

The question has two components: (1) Why did demand for traded goods boom? (2) How could supply increase to satisfy this unprecedented expansion of demand?

Read on about globalization and resilience.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Factors to Consider When Scaling to a Global Workforce

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As Davis Nordell, technology senior analyst with RSM US LLP, writes, "The globalized economy and the possibilities of remote work mean companies are considering building international workforces. But you need to plan carefully for any international expansion.

Despite the current problems plaguing supply chains, tech companies — especially those outside of the hardware sector — have limited exposure to or concern for supply chain risk. This insulation can make a rapid global expansion all the more attractive to early and mid-stage technology companies that may not yet have a significant international presence. 

Without a thorough understanding of the risks, logistical and compliance needs, and cultural considerations required to maintain a cohesive business structure in a variety of international markets, however, organizations will set themselves up for failure.  Again, plan early and carefully, to avoid hiccups.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Elevate Equity Inside and Out

Consumers want to support brands that represent them and their values. And organizations that have made DEI efforts a core priority also recognize that it’s just as important to feature representation in front of the camera as it is behind the scenes.

How can global marketers do this? There are multiple ways across an organization’s ecosystem, of which Deloitte has highlighted three within their Authentically inclusive marketing article.  While you are at it, check out their Global Marketing Trends 2022.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Freightos Agrees to SPAC Merger

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What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

Saturday, June 18, 2022

A Bicycle Ride Around the World

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“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke." – Scott Stoll, a Community Professor who travelled around the world on his bicycle

Friday, June 17, 2022

Go Beyond: Ensure LGBTQ Employees Feel Included

©iStock/Cristina Moliner
According to two LGBTQ leaders at Bain & Company, pride means many different things in the queer community.  It means celebrating the individual ways in which we all contribute in the workplace with our distinct backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and abilities.

That means recognizing that we all do our best work when everyone can show up as, and be celebrated for, their full, authentic selves. This is what constitutes true inclusion. 

Read on to learn about their study and findings.  For example, "That what makes employees feel fully included in an organization is distinct for different groups, and that an intersectional lens that captures a multiplicity of identities enables companies to tailor their inclusion efforts most effectively."

Thursday, June 16, 2022

You Tell 'em Tom

If I [Laurel J. Delaney] could write a better opinion piece on the Middle East, golf and M.B.S., I would.  But no need to.  Tom Friedman did.  Thanks!

Saudi Arabia Should Take a Mulligan on Golf. Here’s What It Can Do Instead.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Turn Up Your Imagination

By force of habit, most executives tune down their imagination when strategizing. This is counterproductive, the authors of the article below argue.  Instead, they offer an alternative: Design fiction. 

A design technique that immerses executives and employees deeply in various possible futures, it uses artifacts such as short movies, fictitious newspaper articles and imaginary commercials to generate transformation roadmaps. Rooted in the future but helping to act in the present, design fiction results in concrete actions taken to adjust companies’ visions, strategies, and activities to create a better future.

Read this so you don't miss out on important opportunities to envision, and design, possible futures the world over.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Being a Good Global DE&I Leader

How do you define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as it relates to your career?  How comfortable are you with differences and variety with the people you work with within your company?  What is something you can do to step into the role of an ally or advocate to serve and support others in your workplace?

All good questions.  Read on to get some answers and learn how to raise awareness for others on how they can get involved and take action to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: 7 Language and Learning Apps for Travelers

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

  • The 7 best language learning and translation apps for travelers according to R.T. Watson for the WSJ.
  • Here comes Pico by ByteDance.
  • Find, hire and pay remote employees in 160+ countries just got easier.
  • Chipotle creates a $50 million fund to invest in early-stage tech companies.
  • Quote of the week:  “Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." — Anthony Burgess
  • Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB says, "High inflation is a major challenge for all of us. The Governing Council will make sure that inflation returns to our two per cent target over the medium term."

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Love Is the Flower

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"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." – John Lennon

Friday, June 10, 2022

Overcommunicating Is Essential in Our World

In March, Global Business Fellows (GBF) students presented their final consulting report to executives at Uber in Madrid, Spain, as part of their Global Business Experience course (GBE).

“My biggest takeaway from working with a foreign client was that sometimes overcommunicating is essential,” said [Lindsay (SFS’22) Bing [a member of a student team that consulted for Uber on three different business challenges in the areas of commercial partnerships and customer experience]. “We found that being prepared with a lot of questions for our weekly check-in meetings was the most effective use of our time to both clarify expectations and refine our work."

Read on to see how this was such a culturally and professionally enriching experience for all involved.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Globalization Is Alive and Well

Even as its justifications and the global economy change, the current skepticism toward free trade and globalization remains misguided. 

Yes, free trade is under greater attack today than it has been in decades, especially in the United States. 

Despite continued public support for foreign trade and globalization generally (even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic), a bipartisan cadre of American politicians and pundits is increasingly skeptical of, or downright hostile to, the longstanding consensus in favor of trade liberalization.

America can join with more free trade or it can miss out.  Fortunately, rumors of globalization's demise have been, yet again, greatly exaggerated.  Globalization is alive and well, just changing. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Creating a Sense of Community

“It’s not just about being comfortable, but about creating a sense of community,” Bruno Paneghini, CEO and president of B Corp Reti, explains in Italian, via a translator. To that end, Reti organizes events centered around books, food, and art, not just for staff but for locals; it held 14 such events in 2021. The idea of an on-site restaurant and food education facility is in the works, too.

All over the world, businesses are increasingly beginning to acknowledge how much they are, and should be, a part of the communities they inhabit. But their actions sometimes feel out of alignment with the goal.

Read more about what Italy's B Corps can teach global business about community

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Ryan Heath Says Globalization Isn’t Over, It’s Just Outgrowing the World Economic Forum

As Ryan Heath, Editorial Director of Global Growth for Politico says, "Once upon a time globalization was mostly about economics: intensifying trade, falling tariffs, outsourcing and the rise of multinational brands."  He goes on to say, "No longer. Today political risk is multiplying and power is decentralizing, changing globalization with it."

Tensions were on full display recently in Davos.

Columbia University’s Adam Tooze [professor of history] rejected the idea that globalization is ending. “It’s B.S. Ending globalization? Life as we know it would cease to exist,” he told POLITICO. “When people say this, they’re either naive or apocalyptic,” he said, adding “it’s a bad way of thinking about the problem.”

"Globalization isn't over, it's just outgrowing the World Economic Forum," says Heath.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: The iOS App Economy

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What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Who Could Not Be Happy

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"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy." – Oscar Wilde and the photo is of a Little Free Library

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Oh Everything Is Messed Up Right Now: War, China Covid Curbs, Shootings, Global Supply Chain Woes, Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

Manufacturing growth slowed last month in economies as diverse as France, Japan to Malaysia, business surveys showed recently, illustrating the challenge policymakers face in trying to combat inflation and a whole heck of a lot of other things while not stifling anaemic economic activity.

Global growth in factory activity slowed in May as China's strict coronavirus curbs and Russia's invasion of Ukraine disrupted supply chains and dampened demand, adding to woes for businesses already struggling with surging raw material prices.

Oh, it's everything right now, not just one thing.  What's a global business owner to do?  I [Laurel Delaney] will tell you:

  1. Be an effective leader
  2. Cut expenses
  3. Conserve cash
  4. Focus on quality
  5. Control spending
  6. Lower risk
  7. Cut staff
  8. Raise prices
  9. Maintain existing profitable exports
Do most of the above, and you will at least make it through a very next rough 18 months.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Global K-Pop Stars BTS Go to WhiteHouse to Stop Asian Hate Crimes and Discrimination

With their dance videos and catchy songs, Korean band BTS is one of the most popular pop bands in the world. At a White House press briefing, they talked about the importance of inclusion and representation.

Last year President Biden signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act to give law enforcement resources to investigate crimes against Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Presented by John Yunker: Web Globalization Tips for Small Businesses (wegginar® on 6/1/22)

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There is no one who knows web globalization better than Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global's next wegginar® presenter John Yunker, co-founder of Byte Level Research.  John is back by popular demand! Yes! Let me challenge you a bit to see what you know before I entice you to register for our (free of charge) wegginar, "Think Big; Think Global:  Web Globalization Tips for Small Businesses," taking place on tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st LIVE at 11AM CT: 
  • What is your global gateway strategy?
  • Are you having trouble with abandoned shopping carts?
  • Do you understand the importance of body language and photos you use on your website?
  • Do you use a map icon to signify global on your website?
  • Colors carry a significant cultural, political, and personal meaning; what colors are you using on your website? 
  • Are you using flags as a navigation aid on your website? 
All of this is covered in John Yunker's book, Think Outside the Country: A Guide to Going Global and Succeeding in the Translation Economy, one of my all-time favorites.

But back to John's wegginar ... he will be covering:
  • The second language you should add to your website
  • Essential web globalization terminology and trends
  • Tips for going global on the cheap
  • The dangers of using flags on your website 
And, the best part is we will be able to pick John's brain at the end of his presentation for 10 minutes to ASK any questions you have. Let's do it and get smarter today on web globalization, together.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Remembering and Honoring Those Who Have Served

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

  • What is Memorial Day 2022 and what is the real meaning?
  • Memorial Day.
  • Originally called Decoration Day, the Memorial Day holiday honors all soldiers who died during service to the nation. 
  • Quote of the week: “Let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” – Abraham Lincoln, second inaugural address
  • The meaning of Memorial Day.
  • Prayer for peace on Memorial Day 2022.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Be Like a Train

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“Be like a train; go in the rain, go in the sun, go in the storm, go in the dark tunnels! Be like a train; concentrate on your road and go with no hesitation!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Become More Psychologically Resilient

According to an article in The National Post, globally, small and medium-sized businesses represent roughly 90 per cent of businesses and employ over 50 per cent of the workforce. They also contribute about 45 per cent to gross domestic product (GDP). 

Yet entrepreneurs face many obstacles that threaten their survival, including financial insecurity and market uncertainties. Unsurprisingly, roughly 50 per cent of new ventures fail within the first five years.

In this challenging landscape, entrepreneurs’ psychological resilience is a key personal resource and competitive advantage. But how can entrepreneurs develop resilience? And why does psychological resilience benefit entrepreneurs?

The authors have identified that these factors as essential to building entrepreneurs’ psychological resilience.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Building Resilience in Emerging Market Economies By Supporting Small Businesses

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Small businesses create up to 80% of jobs and generate up to 70% of GDP in Africa alone and are essential drivers of growth, employment and livelihoods in emerging markets.

In emerging market economies, however, there are intractable structural barriers to raising finance that most of these businesses face. The yawning gap in financing runs into the trillions of dollars.

Organizations can work collectively to move money at scale if the motivation is strong enough. It makes economic sense for governments and private markets to do just that in order to build resilient economies.

Experience in Africa shows that digitally-based information and services can be effective tools for empowering farmers and local businesses.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Get Rid of Guns and Rifles, Stop the Shooting

If your loved one was shot and killed by an 18-year old gunman in a recent shooting at a primary school in south Texas, would you think it is okay? 

An 18-year-old gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing at least 18 children as he went from classroom to classroom, officials said, in the latest gruesome moment for a country scarred by a string of massacres. The assailant was killed by law enforcement.

The attack came just 10 days after a deadly, racist rampage at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket that added to a yearslong series of mass killings at churches, schools and stores. 

And the prospects for any reform of USA's gun regulations seem dim.  Why is that?  When are we going to get rid of guns and rifles (assault weapons) and stop the shooting?  When an 18-year old is able to freely buy a gun, what's on their mind?

A father who lost a daughter in the Parkland Florida shooting said, "This is preventable violence."  He went on to say how he has dealt with his loss, "We don't move on, we move forward."

NBA Warriors coach said, "When are we going to do something? Enough!"

Actor and Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey took to social media today, May 25, 2022, to address the shooting in his hometown.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Supply of Chipmaking Equipment Is a Pinch Point for Intel to the Build Out of Capacity

Intel CEO Paul Gelsinger said supply of chipmaking equipment is the most important pinch point to the build-out of capacity today.

He added that he's urging authorities in the US and Europe, which have each launched their own Chips Act to promote national semiconductor manufacturing, to speed up the legislation.

A shortage of advanced equipment to make semiconductors could hold up global expansion plans.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Global Small Business Phone Systems Market Overview

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:
  • The global “Small Business Phone Systems Market” 2022-2027 study provides information related to the global, regional, and top players including Small Business Phone Systems market share analysis, winning strategies, recent developments, and financials.
  • Answering top questions about Covid-19 and vaccines.
  • The CEO of Abbott, the company whose voluntary recall of several widely sold baby formula brands helped trigger a nationwide formula shortage, has apologized for the crisis, as the first overseas shipment of formula approved by President Biden arrived in the U.S. Sunday, May 22, 2022.
  • Quote of the week: “Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none." – Doug Larson
  • 15 Forbes Business Council members shared their best tips for businesses considering international expansion.
  • Getting close, Apple's AR/VR headset.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Help Others

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"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others." – Audrey Hepburn

Friday, May 20, 2022

Global Small Businesses Resume International Travel Boosting Export Sales

Export Delaware is ready to travel the world again!  After two years of being grounded due to the global pandemic, business owners are chomping at the bit to get back to in-person business.

Export Delaware has an aggressive travel schedule planned for Delaware global small businesses that are ready to expand their exports around the world.

So far some have traveled to Dubai (March 2022) and are headed to South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania in May. Then, it's off to Israel in the summer. 

“These state-led business trips have proven to be a successful strategy for entering new markets and increasing export sales,” says Secretary of State [Delaware] Jeff Bullock. “The customized support from the Export Delaware team and the in-country trade representatives make all the difference.” 

For Delaware-based businesses, to learn more and to apply, simply go to and download the STEP Grant application. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Enabling More Cargo at the Port of Long Beach to Get Moved Off the Docks By Train

©iStock/Larry Gibson
The Port of Long Beach is embarking on a massive overhaul of its cramped and aging rail yard to enable more cargo to get moved off the docks by train and to cut down on the number of diesel trucks that are currently hauling the vast majority of containers inland.

The key issue the expanded rail yard will address is that there isn’t enough space at the port currently to assemble thousands of loaded rail cars into enough single trains that can go straight from the port to major consumer markets in the interior U.S., such as Chicago, Dallas, or Denver. 

As a result, the bulk of the containers ... read more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Pricing Your Product for Export Markets

Are you getting ready to export your product overseas?  Debating whether you should price it at $5 or $7?  How do you decide? 

Leif Holmvall, veteran exporter, author, consultant and coach on exporting, has a tip or two to share with us. Leif has more than 45 years of experience doing business in 100-plus countries with the focus on helping businesses expand internationally. 

Here is an excerpt of an interview I [Laurel Delaney] conducted with him about 6 years ago (and worth republishing), which focuses on how to develop the best export pricing strategy – an issue that can be complex if you’ve never calculated an export price before.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

In China, No Mood to Shop

©iStock/Derek Yung
In recent years, China has become the biggest market for a range of industries, from luxury goods to automobiles.  But last month due to China’s “zero Covid” policy, the world’s second-largest economy slowed sharply, hitting not only consumer spending but also employment.
Estée Lauder, which is home to Bobbi Brown and MAC cosmetics, now expects its global sales to grow between 7% and 9% year-on-year, down from a previous range of 13% to 16% outlined in February.
The crisis is a stark reminder of China’s outsized importance to global companies.  Read more about how China's lockdowns are taking a toll on global companies.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Future of Food Summit

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Decide Ukraine's Future

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"It is not all right for Russia to decide Ukraine's future." – Antony Blinken

Friday, May 13, 2022

Just Like That: Open a US Bank Account, Remotely, From Any Continent, With No US Social Security Number Required

©iStock/Blue Planet Studio
What if you could find a banking product for your global business that will allow you, as the founder, to open a US bank account, remotely, from any continent, with no US Social Security Number required?

Discover fintech company doola, which does just that.  

This is a new banking product that supports founders on every continent, with no US SSN required, and no visit to the US required.  US monthly business applications are over 400,000 per month (on track for 5M+ in 2022) and there are 50M+ independent creators globally.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Meet 300 Visionaries Who Have Transformed Business and Society

©iStock/Helin Loik-Tomson
While the ongoing global pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have taken a toll on the European market, these 300 honorees remain positive:  Some 80% of listees believe the European economy is ripe for entrepreneurship, and collectively they’ve raised more than $2 billion in funding for their ventures—more than double the amount raised by last year’s honorees. 

These entrepreneurs join past Under 30 game-changers including singer-songwriter Adele, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, actress Cynthia Erivo and athlete Marcus Rashford. Some of this year’s listers are already household names, like Simone Ashley, who played Kate Sharma in the second season of Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton. 

The list?  Here you go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Is Your Business Export Ready?

Want to grow your business beyond borders?  Here's a sample of how Michigan Small Business Development Center determines if a business is ready for export.

We provide an early export online assessment to determine where your company is in starting the export journey. We've developed an online training module packed with resources to help businesses explore and get a better grasp of what's involved in getting their company involved in exporting. The training module is packed with good templates and resources. From there we connect you with one of our 10 export certified consultants, and help you start developing a business plan and a marketing plan to get you ready.

Best piece of advice?  When people sit down and dedicate a certain amount of time to work on their business [not in their business], they're a whole lot more successful. 

Read the full interview here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Best Kept Secret For Powering Your Cross-Border Business: Foreign Exchange (wegginar® 5/11/22)

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Why waste a second?  Register immediately:  We'll answer the following questions:  Are your sales denominated in foreign currency? Are you purchasing anything abroad in foreign currency? Are you clueless about how to manage foreign currency?  We've got your back!  At least wegg® does when it comes to their next wegginar®.

Register free of charge for the upcoming wegginar tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 11AM CT, to learn the answers to the questions above and discover the secret to powering your cross border business:

Hear from top experts – Lori Novak, VP Foreign Exchange | Capital Markets, Associated Bank and Angie Kappel, VP Foreign Exchange | Capital Markets, Associated Bank – who live and breathe foreign currency and are pros working with business owners who wish to learn the ropes about foreign currency management. They will be joined by their special guest Yasmin Stuffer-Hong, founder ad CEO, Share US, Inc., to discuss the ins and outs to foreign exchange.

What to expect from the wegginar:
  • Gain knowledge of exchange rates
  • Recognize the main causes of FX volatility
  • Learn how to invoice your client in their local currency
  • Increase your margins by paying or selling in local currencies
  • Understand your FX risk management options
To learn more and to register (n/c), visit: We are breaking records on registrations yet, fortunately, we have plenty of seats and they are comfortable too :-). See you there.

Program hosted by Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®.

Monday, May 09, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: 9 Translation Books You Never Heard About

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Pass Violets Looking For Roses

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"We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory." – Bernard Williams

Friday, May 06, 2022

Finding Global Brand Desirability

©iStock/Nattakorn Maneerat
Finding global brand desirability, according to Lisa Shiqi Yu, Genlab CEO and former digital transformation head of L’Oreal China and Elijah Whaley, VP of Marketing at Gainfluence, comes from combining superior product quality with defining your brand purpose, delivered through extraordinary customer experiences.

When it comes to long-term brand building, the local beauty brands can learn a lot from foreign brands.  See what the future brings.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Seriously, What Does Metaverse Mean?

Mentally replace the phrase “the metaverse” in a sentence with “cyberspace.”  That's what the folks at Wired magazine wants you to do.

Ninety percent of the time, the meaning won't substantially change. That's because the term doesn't really refer to any one specific type of technology, but rather a broad (and often speculative) shift in how we interact with technology. And it's entirely possible that the term itself will eventually become just as antiquated, even as the specific technology it once described becomes commonplace. 

CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg or Satya Nadella talk about the metaverse as the future of the internet. Or it's a video game. Or maybe it's a deeply uncomfortable, worse version of Zoom?

So, with all this in mind.  Seriously, what does Metaverse mean?

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Roe v. Wade: Women Have a Right To Choose

A woman has a right to choose.  I have a right to choose.  Simple is that.  Yet, the Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and obtained by POLITICO.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” he [Alito] writes in the document, labeled as the “Opinion of the Court.” “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

David Axelrod has it right:  "This is a wholesale withdrawal of a basic right."

Women deserve better.  We decide and no one else does. "Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights," says Hillary Clinton.

Legal information.  LIVE updates.  14th Amendment.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Turning An E-commerce Accelerator Into a Billion-Dollar Business

Serial entrepreneur Somdutta Singh aimed to carve out a profession of her liking. Born to doctor parents from Kolkata, the first-generation entrepreneur has launched several ventures over the years.

“At a very early age, I had decided this was not the life and future I would want for myself. I wanted freedom of choice. I wanted to travel the world and have a better work-life balance. I was determined to break tradition and chase my dreams," say Somdutta.

Her latest startup, Assiduus Global AI-powered cross-border ecommerce accelerator — helps direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands launch, scale, and grow across ecommerce marketplaces and geographies by enabling their digital commerce through end-to-end distribution and supply chain management.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Today in Global Small Business: Work Remotely Forever

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:

  • Work remotely forever, that's what Airbnb tells its employees.
  • Wearable medical devices are on the rise.
  • Managing an international team.
  • Quote of the week: “I can’t tell you the number of CEOs I talked to who are thinking, ‘I have to solve the diversity challenge in my business, and remote work is one of the key tools… We have to let go of this very office-centric culture and incorporate people who are in a lot of geographies.” – Hayden Brown, CEO of Upwork
  • Movable Ink activates data into personalized content in any customer engagement and is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today.
  • Rooster connects seafood buyers and suppliers, giving them tools to trade effectively, negotiate prices and process deliveries in Europe.
  • Happy World Trade month!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Transform Your Affections from Admiration to Affection

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"Daffodils, blossom and tulips jostle to the front of the stage in April. I love these early perennials: they may be more modest but they nearly all have that one special quality that a plant needs to transform your affections from admiration to affection – charm." –  Monty Don