Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Think Different to Expand Internationally

Expanding internationally is not that difficult, it's just different.  Different from selling domestically.  Yes, you have to pay more attention to documentation, how you get paid and how to transport products from here to there.  But basically, once you master that and some cultural issues, you're well on your way to selling globally.  I'll cover all of this in my new exporting book but for now, read the five tips Elana Donio offers for going global.  Quickly, here's one of them:
Tip #2: Get the lay of the land

Understanding local laws and the business environment is important, but that’s just the beginning. Building cultural credibility is vital for attracting the initial crop of employees, clients and partners.
Tips for Going Global 

When something is different, you must develop the right mindset (attitude) to conquer it.

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