Friday, October 04, 2013

Lessons From Burberry On Going Global

Iconic British luxury fashion brand Burberry, established in 1856, offers a great case study on how to do a global launch via all media channels, including social media.  Here's what they did:
... pushing its spring women’s show in London out across 11 social networks, its own digital flagship and through 13 live-streams on outdoor screens set up in locales from New York’s Times Square to Hong Kong’s Worldwide House
And it can't hurt that they partnered with Apple:
Apple approached Burberry to exclusively use the iPhone 5S to capture images and video before, during and after the show, and Twitter’s real-time reach resulted in tens of millions of impressions for content relating to the event.
A first on numerous fronts and thus far, it appears to have worked.

Read the entire article:  Burberry's Spring Show Goes Global

Key insight:  Don't just use the United States social media platforms to launch your brand globally.  Use other country's popular platforms such as Japan’s Sumally and China’s Sina Weibo, Douban and Youku.  I talk about this in my new book, "Exporting:  The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably" (chapter 6).

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