Monday, October 14, 2013

How Joint Ventures Can Be a Good Global Market Entry or Expansion Method

American Express Company recently announced plans to create a joint venture designed to accelerate the transformation of its Global Business Travel (GBT) division.
American Express is in ongoing discussions with regard to a proposed joint venture in which it would share the ownership of the joint venture with an investor group led by Certares, a firm headed by senior management with significant experience in the travel industry.  The joint venture transaction is expected to create greater investment capacity for GBT to further enhance its suite of products and services, attract new customers and grow internationally to deliver additional value to customers.
I write about joint-ventures in my new exporting book (Chapter 17) in how they can prove to be a most viable way to enter a foreign market or expand within it.  Each party usually takes an equal equity stake and this case is no different (50 percent equity stake).

Read the news on the joint-venture here to see what other value the two companies will get out of forming a joint venture.

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Dr Jim Hamill said...

But does the evidence not suggest that many joint ventures end in failure, especially international JVs? 'Same Bed, Different Dreams'