Monday, October 07, 2013

Hello Planet Entrepreneur

Photo courtesy:  Wiley
Say hello to a new book, Planet Entrepreneur, written by members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the first global think tank fully dedicated to entrepreneurship.  Members who contributed are as follows:   Steven D. Strauss, Tugrul Atamer, Inderjit Singh, Nikhil Agarwal, Colin Jones, Thais Corral, Tony Meloto, Jeannie Javelosa, Jack Sim, David Drake, Baybars Altuntas, Fadi N. Sabbagha, Anna-Lena Johannsen, Nicolas Shea and Laurel Delaney!

For a look at the table of contents, more information on the co-writers of Planet Entrepreneur and an excerpt from the book, visit here.

Each chapter focuses on different aspects of the challenges and opportunities currently being encountered and solved by entrepreneurs worldwide, including:
  • Using technology to solve real-world problems
  • Empowering women and minority entrepreneurs
  • The global rise of the self-employed entrepreneur
  • Making the marriage of business and the environment work for all
  • Social media as a launching pad for your ideas
  • Taking your business global in the digital age (my chapter contribution!)
Planet Entrepreneur explains how the world's best entrepreneurs are making a profit or meeting a pressing social need, and how you can too.

Buy the book now: Planet Entrepreneur

(Full disclosure:  I am a pioneer member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum)

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