Thursday, September 18, 2008

Selling 10.3 Million Korean Customers

I looked at these photos and thought: What an EXTRAordinary branding and selling opportunity! Imagine getting your product or service mentioned in Korean (with a dot com link) on every single umbrella in South Korea during a typical day at the beach? Imagine if you manufactured the umbrellas?


Photo credit: Global Trade & Technology Center

Entry corrected 9/19/08. We were originally told these photos were taken in China but learned from one of our readers (see comments) that, in fact, they were taken in South Korea at a place called "Haewoondae" in Busan (Pusan) which is the second largest city in South Korea.


Anonymous said...

first of all, these were taken at a South Korean beach, not in China. If you know the language on the umbrella.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian ... thanks so much for pointing this out. We welcome readers like you to set the record straight.

We even checked in with the U.S. Commercial Service Korea to ask for additional verification and here is what Hyunyoung Joo said:

Dear Ms. Delaney,

Hello from CS Korea. I guess these photos had been taken in South Korea.

This place is called "Haewoondae" in Busan, which is the second largest city in South Korea. And also, in the red parasol, it's 'McDonald' in Korean.

I hope my answer is helpful for you!

Thanks and regards,
Hyunyoung Joo
Admin Assistant
U.S. Commercial Service Korea

P.S. Having said that, we will go back and correct the blog entry!

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