Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Building Out Your Global Small Business

Learn what's happening in the Middle East area for IT players serving the needs of the engine that drives global economic growth: SMBs. Read "Building Out Your Small Business"

Whether big or small, this advice applies to us all:
“Honest business and always one consistent message to the market (as well as inside the company). Kyocera started the business in 1959 with 28 people and in 2007 it is now an enterprise comprising of 180 companies with about 63,500 people with 8.1-billion Euros in revenue.” Each company has various views and opinions about starting a small business. However, each of these reactions relates to their own experiences and know-how and that definitely is a big thing to consider. Starting your own small business may face trials and hardships at first, but it will somehow begin to show signs of development once you learn to see what makes it progress.

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