Monday, September 22, 2008

Bribes, Red Tape and Cultural Differences

OPEN Forum offered by American Express and under Anita Campbell's stewardship has my next entry up on bribes, red tape and cultural differences. It goes into great detail about whether there is a true opportunity for consultants in the United States to do business globally or is the opportunity primarily for product companies.

If you find it useful or wish to add to it, be sure to do so at the designated areas. Also, we placed an official badge on our blog to show all the OPEN Forum entries. Be sure to check out when time permits.

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Perhaps you can help me with a question I’m working on. What are the rules in America, and what are the biggest problem areas that people have, in understanding the social rules here, when they come to the States from other countries.

What trips people up? What puzzles people? What do they learn the hard way?

Are these social things, business things, language things... Customs or assumptions, unspoken ways of doing things or traditions that are not understood?

What do people struggle with, or what have they had to learn the hard way? What are they puzzling over? What has prevented them from succeeding as easily as they would have in their home countries?

A place to collect answers:

If you have access to a board where people will see this appeal, please feel free to post the URL.

Thanks :) Glynis