Thursday, November 07, 2013

Turning Global Virality Into a Science

Thanks to social media, a message can go global in an instant.  Meet the new global mover and shaker on the block:  BuzzFeed.  According to Slate, "BuzzFeed had 85 million visitors, three times more than just a year ago; by next year, it expects to become one of the most popular sites in the world."

What does that mean for everyone?
Judging by the spectacular results, BuzzFeed has turned “virality” into a science: Thanks to advanced analytics and tools of Big Data, they know exactly what needs to be said—and how—to get the story shared by most people. Its approach is best described as Taylorism of the viral: Just like Frederick Taylor knew how to design the factory floor to maximize efficiency, BuzzFeed knows how to design its articles to produce most clicks and shares. The content of the article is secondary to its viral performance.
Whether you agree or disagree, the article is worth a read.

Read the entire article:  Duolingo, BuzzFeed partnership:  The translation project is terrible for foreign news

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