Monday, November 04, 2013

Small is Becoming the New Big

As Hemant Taneja for the Harvard Business Review's blog says, "A series of breakthrough technologies and new business models are destroying the old rule that bigger is better." Clearly the Internet (i.e., eBay and Amazon) and less expensive approaches to manufacturing (Foxconn, for example) are game-changing moments in our world.
The global business environment is decomposing into smaller yet more profitable markets, so businesses can no longer rely on scaling up to compete, but must instead embrace a new economies of unscale.
What is unscaling?  Well you will have to read the provocative blog post below to find out. But let's just say that small is becoming the new big, which is great news for global small businesses.

Read the entire article along with all its comments:  Economies of Unscale:  Why Business Has Never Been Easier for the Little Guy

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