Monday, November 11, 2013

Shifting From Local Leaders to World Leaders

YMCA of Greater Kansas City Young Achievers hit the road in Europe as they joined youth from 62 nations for an 11-day global conference. And in the process, they became leaders of the world, bringing understanding and solutions back home to Kansas City.
In Prague, the YMCA Young Achievers transformed themselves from local leaders to world leaders, tackling some of the toughest global problems and challenges. Workshops, networking and strategic planning on homelessness, poverty, education and many more global issues got these teens from the middle of America personally engaged with youth from around the world, giving them new a point of view to see the world in a much different way.
Read the entire article:  Young Leaders Go Global

Love this quote from one of the young leaders:

“Once you take someone on a global mission, it really just expands their mind and unleashes things within them that they really don’t know and it allows them to go further in life,” said Webster.

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