Friday, November 01, 2013

Global Nomad: BagPod

A passion for fashion becomes a true global business.  How does it start?  Marianne Sparrenius-Waters, founder of Sweden-based RedDog Design shares her story:

"I suppose I was a bit of a global nomad, having traveled the world with my husband and our three children for 25 years before setting up my company in 2005. I've always loved fashion. I'm not an expert but love to be organised so I founded RedDog Design at home to create fashionable, yet simple functional handbags and accessories."

Marianne came up with the idea for a clutch-size organizer called a Bagpod because she was always losing things.  Now her business of leather and canvas clutches, along with phone covers and handbags has evolved to sell in more than 160 shops worldwide from Switzerland to Australia.

Read the entire article here.

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