Friday, April 16, 2010

The Importance of Small Businesses Exporting

Recap of the latest on why small businesses should export. Looks like we're building momentum and getting a little traction:

Small businesses: Exporting to extend reach (Chicago Tribune)

Key quote: "If small businesses can sell more, they'll produce more, and more people can find work."

Size no barrier to export success (The Australian -- great little article)

Key quote: "Resourcefulness and self-belief are the keys to victory for small businesses in the global market."

Commerce secretary uses Cat subsidiary as export example (Peoria, IL, ... somebody help me out here ... how does Caterpillar (mining truck shown above) represent a good example of a small business?

Key quote: "When traditional drivers of U.S. economic growth like consumer and business spending are facing headwinds, increasing exports must be a central part of America's economic recovery and job creation efforts."

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