Friday, April 02, 2010

A Crackdown by China's Web Censors; But Wait, There's More!

Google's search sites in China abruptly stopped working earlier this week, but the explanation for the outage got a little loosey goosey as the day wore on. The Internet technology powerhouse first blamed itself, noting a technical change, but later reversed course and pointed to the heavy hand of China’s “Great Firewall" -- even as service appeared to be back to normal.

Read Google Runs Into China's "Great Firewall" over at the AllThingsD.

What do you think is really going on?

Then, I read the following and find it terribly unsettling yet fascinating at the same time:

Why Foreigners Can't Win in China

And to top that off, which I didn't think was possible, I catch this disturbing piece related not to Google-China relations but to China, the country itself, that makes me want to never ever write about China again:

China Body-Dumping Case Highlights Clash of Values (I'll say)

All of this gives us an idea of the country and the people we are negotiating with.

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