Monday, April 05, 2010

How to Make Yourself and Your Business a Success Overseas

Listen to the podcast: Mansour Javidan, dean of research at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and co-author of the HBR article "Managing Yourself: Making It Overseas." Copyright 2010 Harvard Business School Publishing.

We've written extensively about what Dr. Javidan refers to as developing a "global mindset" (a major prerequisite to moving ahead in our world) and characteristics needed to achieve success as a leader in the global marketplace. So we are glad to see he's "on it."

Find out if you have a global mindset here (immediate download):

Are You Ready? Take The Global IQ Test To Find Out

And remember, even McDonald's was a small shop at one time. Why just click on the 1940 button and you'll see what I mean!

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Robert Rogers said...

Global branding is great because it changes depending on where you are. One of my favorite stories is about the difficult that Chevy had marketing its Nova car in Mexico because "no va" means that "it doesn't go" in Spanish. Understanding, creativity and flexibility are key in international branding.

Ian Harvey said...

I have lived in various countries, from Europe to Asia, and had many business dealings, and it is always an exciting experience. Each country has its' own unique culture (or several cultures) and the methods of doing business can and will be different in various degrees. However, saying this, it can be very rewarding!

Unknown said...

It is not hard for the big names in the business industry to expand their franchise abroad, for example McDonalds is extremely popular, but the case is different if your a small business owner, a lot of consultancy and strategic plannings that must be taken place before it blooms.

Josh said...

Hey thanks for the useful information you have provided here. I am really looking forward to promoting my business overseas. It can sound quite daunting, but I am sure I will get where I want to be in good time.