Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Do Business in India

You are a mouse click away to tapping into a market growing at 75 percent annually for U.S. exports. India's population: 1,139,964,932 (2008 -- according to World Bank, World Development Indicators). What are you waiting for?

See how U.S. Commercial Service India can help you get started.
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Robert Rogers said...

Perfect! This is a timely entry that will be of benefit to a client of mine. I will definitely share. Thanks for the resources!

Emily Ralph said...

I too agree that India is a great market to invest in. The country not only has a huge population (i.e. a large number of consumers), the markets have several scopes that you can explore.

K-system said...

Its not only about population but quality we provide in very firm. India is one of the countries that world wants to engage with business.