Monday, January 11, 2010

What Are You Doing To Ensure This Is Your Best Year Ever?

Round the world, we're looking for inspiration and tips on what you are going to do now -- and in addition to taking your business global -- to make this your best year ever.

For ideas, read, "44 Ways to Kick-Start Your New Year" published in SUCCESS Magazine.

Tell us what you have planned or what you are already doing to soar through 2010.

Note: Tuesday, (1/12), we hope to release our annual "Predictions, Forecasts and Trends That Will Shape Our Global Small Business World In 2010." Watch for it. As a refresher, here's 2009.


brando said...

Great post, Laural. I've gotten back to doing yoga at least once a week. I miss my old yoga studio in Chicago, though:

Dave Talbert said...

Globalization made every company to think about globalization irrespective of confining their products and services limited to some specific market areas.

The year 2009 made a lot of global companies to survive during recession and also to generate a handsome ROI. This made other companies to think on how to make their business global in the year 2010.