Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Global Product Domination?

We talked about how China is on the fast track to economic domination here in Point No. 4 of our "10 Predictions That Will Shape Our Global Small Business World in 2010" report, but what about global domination for the "Snuggie" brand exported from the U.S.A. yet produced in China?

Read more here. After reading the article you might ask, "What is a Snuggie?" Even I wondered. I think it's this.

What's your global domination campaign in 2010?


Santiago A. Cueto said...

That's correct-the picture above is the Snuggie. I should have included a short description in the article. I guess the Snuggie has not reached 100% market saturation--yet! Thank you for pointing this out. I have since updated the article.

Laurel Delaney said...

Glad to see you took swift action Santiago.

Much clearer now.