Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Chat With Eric Schmidt on China and Censorship

Newsweek's Fareer Zakaria has a conversation with Google CEO Eric Schmidt about doing business in China despite the restrictions that Beijing imposes on Internet freedom.

Excerpt here:

Why did you make this decision? It surprised many people and many companies.
Google is a different kind of company than many others. The issue of operating in China was always complex for us. We were asked to accept a system of censorship that we were very uncomfortable with. But we had come to the conclusion that operating in China was better for everyone—us, the Chinese people—than staying out of the country. We have decided that we cannot participate in censorship anymore.
Read the entire interview here.

You might also check out Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.'s commentary in the WSJ (1/22/10): China, Google and the Cloud Wars (very interesting)

Refer to our blog post 1/19/10: Message to China: Stop Carving Up Cyberspace with Boundaries

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China, Google and the Cloud Wars