Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Benefits of Offshoring When You Think Wide

Too many organizations mistakenly limit offshore work to routine tasks.
More broadly, our research has implications for what kind of work is “offshore-able.” We believe that if Western companies focused more on fostering collaboration between workers separated by geography and culture, and less on forcing offshore workers to perform tasks in very specific ways, the range of work they could source offshore would be significantly expanded. Companies struggling to fill talent gaps in semiconductor-chip design, drug discovery, engineering and other intellectually complex areas could draw on high-quality and growing talent bases in countries like India and China.
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Call Center Outsource said...

As more companies transfer programming and call- center jobs offshore, the topic of offshore outsourcing is raging throughout the information technology industry. I understand the frustration of workers whose jobs have moved and of customers who fail to get their technical-support questions answered. But the backlash may be overblown. One of the latest studies indicates that the trend may actually be creating more jobs.

Telemarketing said...

There is no question in my mind that outsourcing has provided job opportunities. Nowadays, the concept of outsourcing has expanded to just limited or restricted tasks like customer support. Now, branches of outsourcing are starting to emerge like KPO. With the growth of outsourcing, it seems that more opportunities will be available not only offshore but domestically as well.

Jakob Truss said...

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Outsource Call Center said...

Yeah! there are too many benefits of Offshoring when you think wide. nicely said. Thanks for sharing!