Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How a Foreign Company Can Gain a Bit More Presence in the American Market

Japan's largest cosmetic company, Shiseido, is set to acquire the American make-up company Bare Escentuals Inc. (products pictured) for $1.7 billion, marking the largest acquisition in its 83-year history.

It goes to show you the price companies are willing to pay to boost and capture a market.

Read all about it here.

To expand your reach, what's your global acquisition target in 2010?


Eric said...

Bold move by a company that has a small but reputable name in the U.S.

Dave Talbert said...

The merger of Shiseido Co., Japan's largest cosmetics company, with US based Bare Escentuals Inc. will catapult it to being the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world and gain prominence in the US market, apart from an already robust presence in Asia and Europe.