Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Why We Can't Sit Back and Assume Other People Are Trying to Solve Climate Change

BlocPower’s Donnel Baird and Stripe’s Nan Ransohoff talk about why we can’t sit back and assume other people are trying to solve climate change.

According to scientists, climate change is possibly the most urgent threat to our world today. It’s a glaring common enemy, with every living being on Earth a loser if we cannot beat it back.

“The bystander effect for climate is really strong,” Ransohoff said at a summit on Tuesday. “With climate, you sort of assume because it’s such a global problem and everyone knows it’s happening, someone else is working on it. But in so many cases, that’s just not true.”

Discover how Baird and Ransohoff’s work is the frontier of the climate industry

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