Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Etsy Sellers Are Fed Up

©iStock/Michael Vi
Etsy's CEO Josh Silverman announced that starting April 11, 2022 the company would increase the 5% transaction fee for sellers to 6.5%. This was done to fund improvements in marketing, and seller tools, among other changes, Silverman said.

Etsy seller's reaction?  Strike.

The [global] sellers are fed up with new transaction fees and other Etsy-imposed costs. Many sellers feel like Etsy is intent on squeezing the platform's independent artists with these new policies.  In response, Etsy sellers banded together and launched a campaign, urging other artisans and their customers to abandon the site for one week in protest. Organizers said more than 5,000 shops pledged to participate this week.

Let's see what happens.  Kudos to the creatives for taking action!  Whether it be Starbuck's employees, Etsy sellers or the Great Resignation (employees at all companies), people are standing up for their rights and their passion.

Watch out all social medium platforms for collectively, sellers, as in the case of Etsy, can establish some sort of labor organization for independent sellers.  It will come.  It's just a matter of time.

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