Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Thought Leadership wegginar® 12/4 with Dr. Kati Suominen: New Iron Laws of Globalization

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Now more than ever, you must get on top of your globalization game.  How do you start?  Dr. Kati Suominen, a renown global business thought leader, will be sharing her insights with a wegg® presentation on the "New Iron Laws of Globalization," Wednesday, December 4th at 11AM CT.  She will dive into:
  • When you take stock of globalization in 2025, what will you see? Find out!
  • Ecommerce, 3D printing, 5G, the Cloud, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are bringing about a new wave of globalization that can be the most dynamic and prosperous yet.  Learn why.
  • But there are also many challenges to this new era of technology-powered trade.  Discover what those challenges are along with solutions.
  • Her latest book, "Revolutionizing World Trade."
The presentation is free of charge thanks to wegg's® generous sponsors but you must register to participate.  To learn more and to register, visit: https://womenentrepreneursgrowglobal.org/2019/11/13/new-iron-laws-of-globalization-kati-suominen/ 

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