Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Rotorcorp Achieves Steady Growth in US Exports

©iStock/Benjamin Schaefer
Global small business Atlanta’s Rotorcorp LLC has seen steady growth in its export profile, with about 60 percent of revenues now coming from international sales.

President Sean Casey has been tapped for a slot on the Industry Trade Advisory Committee for aerospace equipment, a joint group convened by the Commerce Department and the Office of the United States Trade Representative to gain firsthand insight from companies on issues of U.S. competitiveness.
As a steady user of services of the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Small Business Administration, Mr. Casey has seen the way that advocacy and resources can be skewed toward large companies, sometimes at the expense of the smaller, fragmented players that nonetheless make up the bulk of U.S. employment.
Rotorcorp’s growth markets are almost exclusively abroad, in places like the Philippines and Panama. Retaliatory tariffs haven’t hit the company’s “high-quality, sought after, U.S.-made products.”

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