Friday, May 22, 2015

Drafting a Contract in China? Choose Which Language Will Control

How do you draft a clear contract to be understood by all parties involved?  That was the seminar that Ken Adams was going to give in Beijing and Shanghai.  In preparation, he turned to the experts at the China Law Blog, long a landmark on the blogosphere. Below is the link to the exchange Ken had with Steve Dickinson and Dan Harris helping behind the scenes.  I've been a big fan of Dan's prolific work in China law for business for almost a decade now.

The first interview question:
Q: What proportion of contracts between Chinese companies (or government agencies) and non-Chinese companies are in English? If the contracts are in English, is it mandatory that the parties enter into a Chinese-language version too? If so, which controls?
Read the entire interview:  Using English-Language Contract in China:  My Q&A with China Law Blog

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