Thursday, May 21, 2015

In APEC Region, Services Make Up 67% of GDP

To widen the door for small business participation in cross-border trade and usher in improved job creation, growth and quality of life for people across the region, greater liberalization of the services sectors in Asia-Pacific markets is needed.  That's according to senior officials and private sector representatives at the APEC conference in the Philippines.
“Services make up approximately 67% of GDP in the APEC region,” says Ambassador Laura Q Del Rosario, Philippine Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and 2015 Chair of the APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting. “Efforts to improve trade and investment in services will play a vital role in inclusive growth by creating new jobs and allowing people from all parts of the economy to participate in the economic and social mainstream.” 
Learn more:  APEC poised to lower services barriers to lift Asia-Pac small businesses

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