Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Can Global Travel Make You a Better Leader?

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Do any of these scenarios sound like you?  You push yourself to visit a customer in Thailand because you know the business will be good.  You must examine a manufacturing facility in China to ensure product quality is maintained.  You have to see first-hand how natives of Japan store ice cream, if at all, in their homes because your next market entry move is Japan and it's to export your latest ice cream flavor, green tea.

What all these scenarios have in common is this:  Once you are on the ground in unknown territory, you are forced to adapt and become a better person in order to get along with folks.  What you bring back home is a new YOU who has transformed into a more effective leader.

Lisa Evans for Fast Company talks straight with us and is spot on:  How Travel Can Make You a Better Leader | Fast Company

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Rick Baker said...

It's very true. You tend to get very consumed with your work when it's repetitive and always in the same place. When you find yourself in a vulnerable situation it suddenly opens your mind and changes you're normal way of thinking