Thursday, May 01, 2014

What You Need to Know Before Getting Started in International Trade

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PART I:  Aspiring importers and exporters who are clueless about international trade are a dime a dozen. Just looking at my email inbox, I know firsthand. But thoughtful, well-prepared importers and exporters are hard to come by. They are the ones who research thoroughly before they undertake their first business transaction. How do you go from clueless to ready for importing and exporting? What do you really need to know? Here are a few pointers to help master the global game.  Read Part I of a III-part series.

PART II:  I hope I am not dreaming. I heard you have a great product ready to import or export, now all you need to do is get it in the hands of a few good customers and you are off to international trade nirvana. Wait, not so fast. How do you know the product will sell? Will you make money selling it? How should you price the product? All importers and exporters must face these questions at some point if they want to achieve success in the global marketplace. Here are a few solutions to guide you in the process.  Read Part II of a III-part series.

PART III:  When starting an import/export business, it’s not so much about having the best product or service offering on the planet as it is about being prepared to go where you have never gone before. Doing your homework is essential to achieving global success. Here I cover part of the homework—sounding out the market before you tap into it, mastering the regulatory environment and locating a few good customers or suppliers well before you open your door to the world for business.  Read Part III of a III-part series.

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