Thursday, May 08, 2014

Let's Celebrate: May Is World Trade Month!

As the International Trade Administration (ITA) says through its International Trade Update, published monthly by the Office of Public Affairs of the U.S. Department of Commerce:
For years, May has been the time to not only recognize the benefits of international trade, but also for organizations around the country to support more American companies competing overseas.

For the United States, the benefits of trade have been great, as have our successes. We recently announced that for the fourth straight year, the United States set a record for annual exports in 2013, at $2.3 trillion. That is a 40 percent growth in total exports since 2009.
We salute all entrepreneurs and small businesses who have mastered the art and science of taking their business global!  Go celebrate your successes!  Be proud of your accomplishments!

Read the entire ITA newsletter here.

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