Friday, May 02, 2014

How to Enact Change Globally

Wendy Kopp (@wendykopp), after founding and building Teach For America for more than two decades, is leading the development of Teach For All (@TeachforAll) to increase and accelerate the impact of the Teach for America model worldwide.  She pens a mighty piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review on the theory of change and how to go about it.
I started grappling with the question of how to enact change globally when I began meeting social entrepreneurs who were determined to adapt the Teach For America model to their home countries. The first such adaptation was Teach First, launched in the United Kingdom in 2003 and modeled after Teach For America. Participants teach in primary and secondary schools in low-income communities across England and Wales for a minimum of two years and become lifelong leaders for change working from inside and outside of education.  Four years after launching Teach First, in response to requests for support from social entrepreneurs in countries around the world, CEO Brett Wigdortz and I decided to launch Teach For All.
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