Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Enter the Russian B2B Market

Photo permission:  The RMAA Group.  All rights reserved.
Vadim Tylik, Founder and President of The RMAA Group, oversees a blog about successful market strategies in Russia and has just launched a new free 15-page white book:  "How Can a Foreign Company Enter the Russian B2B Market?" (requires two-second email registration).

What you will learn:
  • Understand the peculiarities of the regional market to better strategize.
  • Develop clear procedures on how to enter B2B Russian market.
  • Master successful tips and tools on how to conquer the Russian B2B market.
  • Attract more leads in Russia.
  • Discover what the basis of success is in Russian market.
  • Spend your advertising budget effectively.
Download the paper:  "How Can a Foreign Company Enter the Russian B2B Market?"

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