Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Inspiring School Design: Fuji Kindergarten in Japan

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If you are a designer or architect, you can take your brilliant ideas global. In this case, Fuji Kindergarten (completed in 2007) provides a learning environment that fosters the individual development and expression of all its pupils in Japan.
This ethos has been created through a building that doubles as a huge piece of play equipment. The Montessori pedagogy on which the design is based creates a building with no walls. Classroom spaces, play areas, and support facilities merge into one, offering a landscape for children to explore and adapt to suit their needs.
Project facts here.

The architects (courtesy photo above) behind the project can be found here

Fuji Kindergarten website here.

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Georgi Vasilev said...

This place looks amazing. With it's great opportunities it motivates me a lot. Thanks for great read.