Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Global Winners of the International Space Apps Challenge

A true global collaboration with thousands of people and organizations around the world participating.
The event celebrated technology development in its most positive context—using minimal resources and maximum brainpower to create outside- the-box solutions in response to interesting problems.
The six global winners are as follows:

1.  "Most Inspiring" Award to Planet Hopper (Oxford, United Kingdom) -- An app that visualizes Kepler data to allow children and teachers to explore all the exoplanets that we know about.

2.  "Best Use of Data" Award to Vicar2png (Virtual Participation) -- An app that allows anyone to view, enjoy, and remix NASA’s mission image data easily by converting
VICAR files to the popular PNG image format.

3.  "Most Disruptive" Award to Growing Fruits: Pineapple Project (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; San Francisco, US; Santiago, Chile; and Virtual Participation) -- An app that provides the optimal crop for your community by filtering a tropical crop database by location's rainfall, latitude, elevation and pH..

4.  "Most Innovative" Award to Strange Desk (Oxford, United Kingdom) -- An app that allows users to socially share and analyze the occurrence of strange events with others.

5.  "Galactic Impact" Award to Growers Nation (Exeter UK, San Francisco USA, New York City USA, Santiago Chile, Nairobi Kenya and Santo Domingo Dominican Republic) -- An app that explores the potential of unused land for the growing of fruit, vegetable and other crops through the use of location, climate and growing data.

6.  "People's Choice" Award to Bit Harvester (Nairobi, Kenya) -- An SMS-based remote data acquisition and control system for remote renewable energy installations.

Congratulations to all the applicants!  We are very proud of you and your amazing work.

International Space Apps Challenge blog post here.   International Space Apps Challenge homepage (other applicants).

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