Monday, May 21, 2012

Global Survey-Based Market Research Company: Ipsos

Every day I discover something new and today it's Ipsos, a global independent market research company that claims to rank third worldwide among research firms.  Why have I never heard of them up until now I'll never understand.

They specialize in the following areas:
advertising research; marketing research; media, content and technology research; loyalty, quality and customer relationship management research; opinion polls and social research; and survey management, data collection and delivery.
Learn more about Ipsos here.

Be sure to check out their nifty Global @dvisor, a 24 country, online, monthly syndicated research service used to generate information for media and clients.


Beckett Business Solutions said...

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Marketing Research Company said...

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jo @ gutter covers said...

Ipsos... I've heard of this,I never knew that they are ranked third worldwide for research. I'll check this out. Thanks for sharing this information.