Friday, November 27, 2009

Innovation Matters According to Members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum

In follow up to the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Business Reporter Laura Noonan, from The Irish Independent, provides her perspective on the Forum.

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About the World Entrepreneurship Forum

Founded at the initiative of EMLYON Business School and KPMG, the World Entrepreneurship Forum benefits from the high patronage of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic. It is the first worldwide think tank dedicated to entrepreneurs, creators of wealth and social justice. It gathers annually more than 100 members of over 40 different nationalities.

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Full disclosure: Laurel Delaney (quoted in article) is a member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Pictured: Patrick Molle, President, EMLYON Business School

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SEO Denver said...

A little difficult to read, but the thrust of the piece is right on the money.... Small enterprise is the only place where job creation will take place!

With so many talented people out of work now, many (like this author) have endeavored to build a new business. The efficiencies and innovations developed by entrepreneurs will be the only way to create any wealth in a stagnant, government debt-ridden economy.