Friday, November 06, 2009

Are There No Worlds Left To Conquer?

According to Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, "hardly."
There are still vast new business frontiers left unexplored.
-- thank goodness!

Here are 14 questions that Jim addresses with interviewer Jennifer Robison of GALLUP Management Journal® (GMJ) on the future of corporate leadership.

GMJ: Before you talk about the next generation of leadership, what was the last generation of leadership?
GMJ: How is the business jungle more dangerous? And what should the next generation of leaders know?
GMJ: What do you mean by "states of mind"?
GMJ: Explain what you mean by "mathematically describing states of mind."
GMJ: So why will leaders who can quantify states of mind be the winners in this new world?
GMJ: What's the value of mathematically describing states of mind?
GMJ: Do you need direct access to people to affect states of mind?
GMJ: That's the political angle. What's the business value of quantifying states of mind?
GMJ: Such as workers and customers?
GMJ: Quantifying your customers' states of mind seems difficult and expensive. Isn't it cheaper and easier just to create their state of mind through marketing?
GMJ: That's a lot of complicated things for businesses -- or governments, for that matter -- to measure.
GMJ: When does policy succeed?
GMJ: How, ultimately, will behavioral economics data benefit leaders?
GMJ: Well, yes. What's the meaning of life?
Read -- but get yourself in the right "state of mind" before doing so -- the fascinating discussion here. And while we are on Gallup, you might also explore the Gallup World Poll.

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