Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How To Chart an Export Course Right Out of the Recession

Here's the task at hand for 46-year-old chief executive N. Chandrasekaran (better known as "Chandra" -- pictured) at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.: To chart a course for India's largest software exporter out of a recession that deflated global technology spending and exposed the reliance of Indian outsourcing firms on the U.S. and U.K. markets.

In an interview conducted by WSJ reporters Amol Sharma and Paul Beckett, Chandra shares his mind about how he plans to navigate Tata out of the downturn.

Let's focus primarily on the 21 takeaways that I picked up on that might enable you to get a better hold on global strategy for your business:

1. Expand your company's footprint (think about emerging markets).
2. Tackle new areas (such as cloud computing).
3. Make sure you are very close with all your customers.
4. Manage your costs better.
5. It's not about taking costs out; it's about bringing more efficiency.
6. Become closer to your customers.
7. Stay with your customers during the downturn (don't abandon them).
8. Coach your team to have them understand your customer's "pain points."
9. Ask your customers: "What can we do to help?"
10. Don't continue to pursue BIG deals in the pipeline that may never come to fruition.
11. Focus on deals (develop an entirely new strategy) that will come to fruition.
12. Expand your presence in other parts of the world (consider emerging markets).
13. Develop a full suite of services that you can sell end-to-end offerings to customers.
14. Go after "nonlinear" growth. In other words, find ways to generate more revenues with less headcount additions.
15. Create something once, then re-use it to serve multiple customers!
16. As your customers go global, be there before they arrive to service their needs.
17. Send people on-site to make it work -- especially if language is a problem.
18. Select strategic locations to conduct business in.
19. Pick the right strategic location and then scale it (e.g, Mexico).
20. Train people to develop your firm's methodology across all continents.
21. Look at cloud computing as a business model, not a technology.

Tata Consultancy to Expand Footprint in Emerging Markets

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LaurenM said...

Thanks for the good tips for exporters. The only challenge is implementing them!