Monday, November 03, 2008


Amway is a health and beauty leader, operating in 78 countries and territories around the world and generating U.S. $6.8 billion in annual sales. What does this have to do with global small business? The company was started by two friends in Ada, Michigan.

It goes to show you that hard work can grow a business global. Read more -- and watch the compelling video -- on the fresh new push into GLOBAL for Amway here. And more about the ad campaign here ... even if it is a little late.


Gregory Majersky said...

Depending on the type of business (such as mine) going global and local at the same time is the best launch pad versus just focusing on the local market is the best strategy. I can network face to face locally but blogs and bulletin boards are great for borderless networking.

DesaraeV said...

You make going global sound like a hop skip and a jump from step one. I love your radio and video posts, but would also love to see more posts on your ideas about strategy, other peoples campaigns, and success/failures. Great blog. Thanks, for sharing.


Gregory Majersky said...

Well, I guess through the connections I had before I started my venture (in Australia, China and Mexico) I had that avenue. Anyone who has a product also has to look at what their product does and what the most appropriate audience would be. My filter, for example, would be completely unsuitable and actually hazardous for use with simple tap water or even urban rain runoff in developed countries. My experiences in China gave me the inspiration because the water there is far more polluted than in the US, Japan or EU. So on the one hand my market is limited by the fact that I am not targeting homes in developed countries who have the disposable income to purchase such items on their own, but instead I am targeting a much larger audience whose water sources require a much more active form of treatment.