Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Emerging Markets Matter

While en route to the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Evian, France, I read about eight different newspapers on the plane. One, the Financial Times, published a great article on Disney on how the studio is finding success in specifically targeting new markets.

One statement caught my eye:
The film’s success (referring to Roadside Romeo -- first animated movie aimed specifically at the Indian market) confirmed what Disney and its rivals in Hollywood have long suspected: Hollywood’s best prospects for growth are in emerging theatrical markets such as India, China and Russia.
And another point that relates to our blog:
“We’ve been very successful with our big global productions, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure,” says Mr Reed. “But we think there’s a natural way to supplement these films in areas like China, Russia and India – areas that have built-in film traditions.”
Key takeaway: Tailor your message to the market.

Read the entire article, "Disney Indian Adventure Rewarded," here.

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Anonymous said...

China and India make about 1/3 of the world population (and don't forget South America!)and it makes sense to target the audience. Maybe indirectly at first.

1. Make a movie about an Indian boy living in the Jungle who eventually leave his animal friend for his first love of a woman.
2. Make a movie about a woman filling a mans role in an old culture - having her gain respect of her co-workers and family before they realize that he is a she.
3. Make a movie about a goofy guy that has to become a member of the royalty and is put in situations that are beyond him, causing him to mature rapidly.

Oh, wait. The Junglebook, Mulan & Aladdin took care of those 4 examples.

Great post, I stumbled it as well as linking to hi.