Tuesday, November 04, 2008

44th President of the United States: Barack Obama

World ... please join me in welcoming and congratulating our 44th President of the United States: Barack Obama.

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From a reader in Afghanistan:

Hi everyone!

Well, my guesthouse got up bright and early this morning to see the last polls close and McCain's and Obama's speeches, both of which I thought were pretty impressive. When I got to work, it was surprising to hear how many of our Afghan colleagues here were paying attention to U.S. presidential politics.

Of most of the Afghans I know, the vast majority were in favor of Obama. (And keep in mind the Afghans I know make up a very small minority--they are educated, speak English, and work with Americans.) The two main reasons cited were Obama's speeches on Afghanistan and McCain's age. I thought what a few of our staff had to say was pretty interesting and wanted to pass their comments along:

AJ (one of our former legal English teachers and now a Fulbright scholar in the U.S.)

"America just proved it is the best place in the world, where people are no longer judged by the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character... Yes, We Can!!!!"

N. (one of my translators who is leaving in 2009 for a Fulbright fellowship)

"Congratulations on taking a part once again in the presidential election to prove to the world what a real democracy is like. Congratulations to all Americans for finally finding a real President! Congratulations for this victory.

Regardless of what color you prefer from the Flag of the United States, "Red or Blue", as an Afghan who has the desire of peace in the heart and appreciate it the most probably, I would like to point at the White ground of it today and congratulate you all for having such democratic country and people.

I wish this success will be a positive step towards a real CHANGE in Iraq and Afghanistan's situation. With the hope of having a peaceful and successful presidential election in Afghanistan in the near future we, the open-minded youth and hopeful Afghans, feel ourselves part of this worldwide democratic success and celebration and I am wholeheartedly happy for all the Americans and Obama. This should be our yell too that, YES WE CAN, to have a better Afghanistan. The world will never be the same.


P.S: "changes" is coming to Afghanistan. Be ready. ~ N.M.
An Afghan member of ARoLP family"

S.A. (one of my translators)

"Congratulations! Americans, I am extremely happy to hear that the Americans went for a real Choice, a man of words and deeds, the hallmark of a real change "BARACK OBAMA".

As a man of the world commonality's member please let me to share my joy and jubilee with you American people and with those who really want the world in peace and prosperity, and we Afghans are with you BARACK OBAMA". And please follow the strategy you have adopted towards Afghanistan, and get help our politicians to real change of this war ravaged county to prosper and peaceful Afghanistan. "

Interesting, right?