Friday, October 17, 2008

The World At Your Desktop

How in the world will you connect with your clients, employees, vendors and colleagues worldwide when money is tight? I have a cost-effective solution without ever leaving your desktop! It's called Citrix Online with their GoTo suite of products.

GoToMyPC is a unique remote access service that lets you access and control your computer from any Internet connection anywhere. GoToMeeting is the easy and cost-effective way to conduct online meetings. GoToAssist enables remote support of customers and employees via shared screen, mouse and keyboard control. GoToWebinar allows you to easily plan, present, record and analyze unlimited Webinars.

My theory is ... to expand your business internationally, there is no better time than now to collaborate like crazy online with like-minded folks!

Just like GlobeTrade, these unique tools make it easy to go and stay global! What are you waiting for? Try it on for size here.

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