Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Export!

There's a saying, "No excuses, just results." Well, here's another one: "No excuses, just export." A new online course will help all of us here -- entrepreneurs and small businesses -- explore exporting opportunities in international markets. Global Enterprise: A Primer on Exporting is a free, self-paced course that provides practical guidance on exploring international markets. Look for it under New Courses on the right sidebar.

Course participants completing the 30-minute online training programs can earn a certificate of completion from the SBA, with their name, date and course title. The Export Primer course is one of nearly 30 online tutorials offered by the SBA on its virtual campus, the Small Business Training Network (www.sba.gov/training). SBTN is part of the SBA’s Office of Entrepreneurship Education (OEE), which combines the agency’s online education programs, youth outreach, and outreach to underserved markets under a single umbrella.

The online training info page is here; selection of new courses is here and to register fast go here.

Go for it!

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