Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dragons at Your Door

This is an amazing book about how Chinese cost innovation is disrupting global competition and fundamentally changing the global competitive landscape.

To date, few authors have zeroed in on one of the driving forces of China's recent achievements: its companies (e.g., Haier, Philips, Lenovo and IBM). The secret driver of success is the strategy -- cost innovation -- of using Chinese cost advantage in radically new ways to offer customers around the world dramatically more for less.

How should executives prepare? Start by reading this book. At the very least, you will develop an understanding of the three faces of innovation and find your place (or role) in the global economy to survive and prosper.

About the authors:

Ming Zeng is Professor of Strategy at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business China. He is currently on leave from the School and serves as president of Yahoo China.

Peter J. Williamson is Professor of International Management and Asian Business at INSEAD, the international business school in France and Singapore, and the author of Winning in Asia.

The book was just released and can be ordered here.

[Note to Michelle at Harvard Business School Press ... much appreciation for sending me a copy to review.]

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