Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The One and Only Web Globalization Report Card 2024 by John Yunker

I've been a fan of John Yunker's for more than two decades.  No one knows web globalization like John does.  He's the expert of all so-called experts on this topic.  Check out some past post about John here

The exciting news is that he is finishing up his latest popular report card, "The Web Globalization Report Card 2024," available in two weeks.  Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of what the report offers.  He adds:

"I can tell you now that I've seen a small but notable rebound in languages, which is nice to see. Last year was the first time we witnessed a net loss in overall languages. Looks like the average number of languages supported by the leading global brands will come in at 34 languages."

Reach out to John to learn more about his company and discover a special package deal he is offering that includes a one-hour presentation on "10 Lessons from 20 Years of Web Globalization."

His email is listed in the lower left hand corner of his website: https://bytelevel.com/.    

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