Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Technology Fosters Globalization

A conversation with Pol Antràs, the Robert G. Ory Professor of Economics at Harvard University.  He discusses the 8 questions below, international trade flows and what the evidence suggests about the world economy and the accompanying debate about whether an era of deglobalization may be at hand.

  1. What is globalization?
  2. Is the world entering an era of deglobalization?
  3. Have we gone through deglobalizing phases in the past?
  4. Are reshoring and near-shoring picking up momentum?
  5. Is technology spurring or slowing globalization?
  6. Supply chains faltered in the pandemic. Will companies hold larger inventories in the future?
  7. How has globalization affected inequality across countries and within countries?
  8. If trade is a net positive but still creates winners and losers, how can we compensate the losers?
Read the complete interview to appreciate that globalization remains a force despite pandemic and political strains.

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